C​​entral Coast Association of               School Psychologists
North County Social

Thursday, September 24, 2015
Shaw's Steakhouse

  1. Psych Talk!
    Psych Talk!
    Joan Montalban and Jeff Neal get serious about psych business.
  2. Let's Mingle!
    Let's Mingle!
    Cindy Neal, Kathy and Ken Fargen, and Karen Andersen chat about CCASP!
  3. Raffle Time...
    Raffle Time...
    Kim Porter and Meghan Fargen get everything ready for memberships and raffles!
  4. Future Member!
    Future Member!
    Jameson Fargen, son of board member Meghan Fargen, volunteered to draw tickets for the raffle!
  5. Let's Eat!
    Let's Eat!
    Thank you Shaw's Steakhouse for providing such great eats!!
  6. Winner Winner!
    Winner Winner!
    Natalie Wood wins a Staples gift card and Ivan Alvarez wins a Starbucks gift card in our raffle. Thank you for RSVP'ing and for your membership!
  7. More Winners!
    More Winners!
    Amber Walz wins our second Starbucks gift card! Thanks for being a member Amber and for your service as our Treasurer!
  8. Second Anyone?
    Second Anyone?
    Mark Muller, Assistant Superintendent in SMBSD and new CCASP member, enjoys delicious appetizers at Shaw's while mingling with other members!
South County Social

Thursday, September 30, 2015
Armada of Santa Barbara

  1. Say Cheese!
    Say Cheese!
    Becki and Ari smile big for the camera!
  2. Yummy!!
    Aileen Fullchange and Erin M. enjoying some yummy eats at Armada!
  3. Cheers!
    Veronica Martinez and Caroline Garcia enjoy a glass of wine while they talk shop...Hey Tony, turn around!!
  4. Let's Eat!
    Let's Eat!
    Beautiful presentation CCASP!
  5. La Presidenta!
    La Presidenta!
    Kaitlyn Bathel, CCASP President, pays her bill at Armada...did you leave a good tip?!?!
 Contemporary Evaluation
of SLD: A PSW Approach Via Cross-Battery Assessment Methods

Friday, April 8, 2016
Buellton, CA

  1. Sam Ortiz is here
    Sam Ortiz is here
  2. Bring on PSW!!
    Bring on PSW!!
  3. So excited to meet Sam Ortiz!! Even got an autograph!!
    So excited to meet Sam Ortiz!! Even got an autograph!!
  4. Hanging out with Sam after the training!
    Hanging out with Sam after the training!